In a world where boundless freedom and self-discovery should be inherent to every young soul, unfortunately, many face significant barriers. Poverty, traumatic experiences, discrimination, and mental health challenges burden these vulnerable youth, depriving them of their “adolescent entitlement.” However, at The Dollar Detectives Society (TDD), we are reshaping this narrative through our impactful Life Prep Mentorship Program.

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The Life Prep Mentorship Program:

Collaborating with dedicated partners, our Life Prep Program provides vulnerable youth with a unique head start. Through mentorship, community experiences, and skill-building, we unlock the true potential of every participant. This hands-on program is designed to be inclusive and engaging, offering practical experiences that transcend the conventional boundaries young individuals often face.

Journey to Discover Purpose:

At the core of Life Prep is a transformative journey to help youth discover their purpose and talents. Through compelling storytelling, we guide them towards financial resilience by imparting essential skills such as money management, safe banking, and asset building.

Practical Experiences:

Our program goes beyond conventional mentorship. We embark on a grocery shopping field trip, cook nutritious meals together, and foster an environment for genuine conversations. Each youth takes home a self-care kit, complete with affirmation cards, a personalized gift, and valuable resources for continued growth at home.

Your Generosity in Action:

By contributing to our crowdfunding campaign, you directly impact the lives of vulnerable youth aged 13 to 17. Your gift goes towards equipping them with the necessary financial and life skills to pursue futures without bounds. Our goal is ambitious – to deliver the Life Prep Mentorship Program to 60 youth by August 31, 2024.

Creating Lasting Impact: Transformative Giving:

Your support is a catalyst for lasting change. With various giving levels, you can provide a Mental Health Self-Care Kit, an Inflation Buster Grocery Gift Card, a TDD Branded Drawstring Bag, or even a comprehensive 5-Week Life Prep Program for one or fifteen youths.

All supporters, regardless of their contribution, will receive updates, signed thank-you cards, recognition on our social media platforms, and/or name listing on our program slide decks.

Becoming a Changemaker:

Invest in tomorrow’s changemakers by supporting our cause. Together, we can make a profound impact on the lives of vulnerable youth, ensuring that no dream is left unexplored.

How You Can Help:

Hit that contribute button and become a part of changing a youth’s life trajectory. Share our mission with friends, relatives, and co-workers – being an ally goes beyond financial support.


At TDD, we believe in making a difference together. Join us on this journey of empowerment, where every contribution, big or small, transforms lives and turns dreams into possibilities.

Let’s make a difference together!