ElevateUP Career Ready Program

For Young Adults (18+)

Current Social Challenge

  • According to Statistics Canada, the unemployment rate of youth (aged 15 to 24 years) has historically been higher than the rest of the population. Unemployment rates are also notably higher for youth who are part of a racialized group and for Indigenous youth.
  • According to a Law Commission of Ontario study, workers at the lower end of the wage and skill spectrum find themselves struggling to make a decent living, with few or no benefits, little job security and minimal control over their work conditions. Vulnerable workers – women, racialized persons, immigrants, Indigenous people, persons with disabilities, older adults and youth are disproportionately represented.
  • According to Diversity Institute, racialized youth contend with limited visible role models, a lack of peer support in pursuing career and educational goals and inadequate support from teachers and educational institutions.
Young Professionals

TDD Society’s Solution – ElevateUP

ElevateUP is a 12-week client centered mentorship program that provides high-quality education and skills needed to prepare young people for the job market, to meet current and future labour market demands and to stimulate the economy. Our innovative and responsive programming is based on extensive stakeholder research and industry expertise. In partnership with Government of Canada, TDD Society co-created an a hands on practical program that equips young people with the financial knowledge, competencies and transferable skills they need to prosper and thrive.

As the world changes, the demand for well-equipped professionals has surged, calling for innovative training and education. Recognizing this need, we present ElevateUP a cutting-edge finance sector training initiative. ElevateUP is not just to educate but to empower. We’re creating a new generation of diverse professionals, young people who not only possess the technical know-how, but also the human skills, vision and drive to propel businesses forward. By doing this, we’re not just elevating young people; we’re elevating industry and by extension our economy.


Health, Wellbeing and Life – participants develop practices that equip them with fundamental life skills that set them up for long term well-being.

Personal Finance – participants explore ways to move money mindsets away from spending and more towards saving. Participants gain the skills needed to make better financial decisions.

Working in Professional Settings – participants learn aspects of Canadian workplace culture to ensure they know how to present themselves professionally in their workplaces.

Career Readiness – equip participants with the essential skills and knowledge needed to prepare for a successful career.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion – participants explore inclusive mindsets and cultural intelligence by addressing issues related to bias, diversity, and intersectionality.

Student Led Capstone Project – participants create a meaningful project demonstrating their program learnings. These projects demonstrate a range of skills and competencies learned throughout the program.


  • Consists of five modules and a final capstone project delivered in person, online or hybrid learning format.
  • Classes are a combination of lectures, participant input and engagement, self-paced study, experiential exercises and job placement activities.
  • Class assignments and projects are individual and team based.
  • Customized training delivered onsite or virtually with employer partners for employees. Training costs may be eligible for reimbursement under Canada-Alberta Job Grant.

Certification and Registration

Completion of the learning path is formally recognized through a Client and Professional Services Certificate. Participants will commit to planned actions, projects and undertakings.

Registration for ElevateUP open. For more information, a detailed program outline or to receive updates, please email registar@thedollardetectives.com

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