We Empower Youth Every Day

Our participants have affirmed our goals and approach with:


ready to recommend us to others


finding our programs engaging and interactive


sharing their appreciation for our instructors

“We highly recommend The Dollar Detectives. Our youth organization participated in the Skills for Life workshop, and it kept all the teenagers (both boys and girls) interested throughout the day!”

“Our kids gained real hands-on experience doing activities such as shopping for groceries on a budget and preparing a meal to take home. Thank you so much for this valuable workshop!”

“I’m set on helping my kids with a step-up of learning finances. This is the perfect way to give them the advantages and learning I never had. Can’t wait for the next set of classes.”

In Our Community

Our youth build financial, social, and emotional resilience to successfully navigate their world.

At a time when:

1 in 6 Canadians say their monthly spending exceeds their income

1 in 4 Canadians borrow to buy food or pay for daily expenses

Less than 1 in 5 Canadians report having strong financial literacy skills, while 2 in 5 rate their knowledge as poor

We teach youth:

Budgeting basics, needs versus wants, and the trade-offs of instant gratification

How to shop on a budget, prepare healthy meals and plan for basic expenses

The value of money, goal setting, and how to be an excellent custodian of their money

Our impact is strengthened by our commitment to:


We are proud to be led by Guirlene Joseph, an Accredited Financial Counsellor of Canada (AFCC) and a woman of Afro-Heritage background with lived experience as a newcomer to Canada.

We are also proud that:

  • Our Board of Directors is 75% women, 50% visible minorities and 75% are newcomers.
  • Our current team is 50% women, 75% visible minorities and 50% are newcomers.


To serve all communities through targeted programming and financial support, we engage and support youth from vulnerable and underserved populations. These Equity Deserving Groups include:

  • Socio-economically Disadvantaged
  • Indigenous, First Nations, Inuit or Metis Families and Organizations
  • Gender and Sexual Minorities
  • New Canadians, Immigrants and Culturally Diverse Communities
  • Persons Living with a Mental Health Condition
  • Geographically Diverse (rural, remote, reservations)

Financial sustainability

As a certified not for profit social purpose enterprise with a self-generated revenue model, we have reduced our dependence on government funding. We are committed to keeping our administration costs at or below 10% and we re-invest all remaining revenue into our programs.

We are living wage employer providing employment to marginalized and vulnerable individuals.

“Our living wage commitment ensures our single parent employees don’t have to choose between paying for rent or food, our disabled employees don’t have to choose between paying for utilities or food and our younger employees don’t have to choose between paying for a winter jacket or food. Our organizational commitment allows our employees to not just survive but thrive in times of economic instability.”

– Guirlene Joseph, Founder

Ways to Support:


Sponsor a program or event and send a powerful message about your organization’s commitment to youth financial literacy and independence.


(Gifting Independence for Tomorrow)
G.I.F.T. a registration to one of our programs to a deserving youth in your life or ask us to allocate it for you. Either way, you are supporting our next generation in their journey to become self-reliant and financially secure.


Our volunteers are essential to the impact we have within the community. We are always looking for program facilitators (training and free youth membership included) but we will align your role to whatever suits you best!

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