Life Skills Program

For Youth (12+)

‘Crack the Case’ Life Skills Program

TDD is entirely focused on the well-being of youth!

Guided by skilled facilitators, young people will learn to “Crack the Case” on money, social and life skills concepts within an interactive and inclusive learning space. Young people participate, collaborate and build social connections with peers. Our program offers parent resources to help generalize skills outside our programs and contribute to intergenerational learning.

Through a combination of group, individual and community based activities, youth are provided the opportunity to practice skills in real life settings.  Our program goals help youth gain confidence to navigate difficult situations, and to help support their sense of identity, community, and purpose.  We co-create customized editions of our program with community partners.

“Dealing with The Dollar Detectives has been fantastic, they have gone above and beyond. I’m set on helping my kids with a step up learning finances. This is the perfect way to give them the advantages and learning i never had. Can’t wait for the next set of classes.”

- Money Mystery Client

Our program includes the following modules:

Master Your Money

Detectives will learn about the value of money, goal setting, how to master a positive money mindset and how to be an excellent custodian of their money.

Budgeting Basics

Detectives will learn about budgeting basics, identifying needs vs wants, instant gratification and planning for basic need expenses.

Skills for Life

Detectives have fun while learning essential foundational and transferable skills. Youth will learn how to create a budget, prepare healthy meals, shop on a budget and communicate effectively.

Bank to Basics

Detectives will learn accounting fundamentals needed to manage their personal finances. Banking, reconciling statements, bank cards, digital banking and net worth are discussed.

Fraud Facts

Detectives will learn how to digitally protect themselves online, different types of frauds and scams, internet safety, consumer rights and responsibilities and fraud protection resources.

Savvy Savers

Detectives will increase their understanding of savings, different ways to save, different saving and investment vehicles, the impact of compound interest and comparison shopping.

Learning a Living

Detectives learn the relationship between continuous learning and living their best life. Detectives will learn how to budget, job search, start a business, finance education, moving out, use credit wisely and smart shopping.

The program is offered as a full curriculum or modules can be chosen individually. Registration is ongoing and available online.

Life Skills Program

Not all learning happens within the classroom and in fact youth will spend most of their life outside class. The Dollar Detectives’ Crack the Case is our flagship out-of-school program. This program allows youth to discover money, employment and life skills in a fun, inclusive, and interactive learning space. Our curriculum is delivered in 6-week semesters, half days and summer programs. Our hands-on and learn to do by doing model is complemented with community experiences, guest speakers, giveaways, resources and more!

PLEASE NOTE: In addition to the checkout process above, please fill out this Registration Form to complete your enrollment. You’ll be asked for the “Order #” from the email confirmation sent after checkout is complete.

Locations & Age Range

We launched our programs in Calgary for youth between the ages of 13 and 25 years old. Based on interest, we will launch programs in other locations or for different age groups. Please contact the Registrar ( if you would like to request delivery of our programs in other locations, different age groups or want to make a special request.

Program Registration

Choose from our fall, winter, and spring semester allowing enrollment without a long-term commitment.  Multi-youth discounts for up to three youth are automatically applied when registering.  Registration is ongoing throughout the year. The registration form must be completed prior to participating in the program.  Program has minimum and maximum enrolments. To access the registration form, click the link above or email


Please be advised that cancellations made up to two weeks before program start via email or phone will be processed without a penalty. Cancellations made two weeks or less before program starts will be subject to a cancellation charge.

The Dollar Detectives’ programs are unique in the following ways:
  • Employment  Successful graduates of our  program have opportunity to be trained to facilitate our curriculum.
  • Incentives  Incentives and draws for prizes within every class based on simply showing up and participating in our fun!
  • Events  Access to FREE tickets to fun  attractions, sports and other events. Generously donated by Kids Up Front.
  • Real World  Practice skills in real world situations within class and community. Fun and active scenario-based learning.
  • Volunteer  Access to integrated and external volunteer experiences to help build leadership and job skills for employment search.
  • Monthly Savings  Youth, young adults and their families have access to reduced rates on private home and renter’s insurance.
  • Digital E-Book  Youth, young adults, their families and our partners get a FREE copy of  digital eBook “Saving Secrets- Every Cent Counts”.
  • Counselling  Youth, young adults and their families get access to reduced rates on financial counselling supports.  
Money Mystery Program

Coming soon

Skills for Life Program

June 08, 2024  10:00am to 3:00pm
Dalhousie Community Association
5432 Dalhart Road NW, Calgary, AB T3A 1V6

Learning a Living Program

Coming soon

ElevateUP Employment Program

Coming soon

The Dollar Detectives believes all youth should have access to unbiased, trustworthy, professional financial information. The Dollar Detectives makes great effort to offer or suggest financial support options for youth and their families.

Even though our pricing is reasonable, the pandemic has left a burden on all of us. If you are looking for payment plans, installment payments or additional subsidy outside the ones listed below, please contact us directly.

Subsidy is subject to availability based on partner financial contributions. To explore financial support availability please email us at Requests will be reviewed by The Dollar Detectives staff and Board of Directors.

The Dollar Detectives’ Good Deed Program

Grants to support youth participate in the Dollar Detectives programs.  Key areas of support include program fees, camp experiences, optional activity fees and special events.

The Dollar Detectives’ A.C.T. (All Caring Together) Program

Grants to support youth and young adults who are facing unique challenges to becoming self-reliant and/or emergency situations. Key areas of support include basic needs, childcare, housing, transportation, employment/career development/vocational programming and education.

Home Education Funding

The province of Alberta provides home education funding to each registered home school student. Our program fees could be eligible for reimbursement under this funding, Please connect with your home education provider for reimbursement process and details.

Canada-Alberta Job Grant

Eligible employers might qualify for the Canada Alberta Job Grant (CAJG) for professional development investments.

Jordan’s Principle

First Nation’s Parents, Caregivers, Families  and Communities can explore funding  through Jordan’s Principle:

  • Get $25 off per youth when you register 2 or more youth, or for referrals (referee and referrer).
  • Families who enroll in both fall and spring semesters will receive $25 discount on spring semester enrollment.

Discounts cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts. To access certain discounts, please email