Workplace Culture Course


Teaches professionalism, Canadian work etiquette, organization and critical thinking.

Module-Specific Competencies Addressed:

  • Professional Etiquette and Ethics: Students understand the importance of work ethic and what it means. Students will be able to demonstrate professional behaviour and etiquette in the way they present themselves and communicate.
  • Time Management and Organization: Students have tools to set effective schedules to meet deadlines. Students know ways to organise information that meets their needs in a variety of professional situations.
  • Accountability and Attitude: Students will gain an understanding of developing a positive attitude and fostering healthy working relationships. Students will learn strategies on how to demonstrate friendliness and care about the quality of their work.
  • Critical Thinking: Students will become more aware of their current decision-making processes, the factors that influence their thinking, and how thinking can become flawed. Students will reflect on what they know about critical thinking and characteristics they should possess or develop to be a good critical thinker.