Health, Wellbeing and Life Course


Teaches essential life skills, including goal-setting, healthy habits, communication, self-care and conflict resolution.

Module-Specific Competencies Addressed:

  • Building a Mindful Container: Students will learn the 5 building blocks of a healthy and resilient life.
  • Self-advocacy and Boundaries: Students understand how to give effective feedback and receive feedback. Students have a clear understanding of their abilities and know how to communicate their needs and abilities to others. Students are able to listen to others and respect their boundaries
  • Healthy Habits and Self-Care: Students are able to develop habits that contribute to their well-being.
  • Self-Management and Dealing with Conflict: Students are able to maintain composure when conflicts arise, state their position, listen to others, and find resolution. Students know when conflicts need external support to resolve.
  • Visioning and Goal Setting: Students will be able to set goals and achieve them, personally and professionally.