Career Essentials Course


Module-Specific Competencies Addressed:


  • Digital Skills and Innovation: Students will send emails, make phone calls, and use office tools to make documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. Students will learn how to find and evaluate information online, remote work and advancing innovation.
  • Resumes & Cover Letters: Students have made a high-quality resume and cover letter that demonstrates a clear understanding of their competencies (hard and soft skills). Students will research different career paths and what they entail.
  • Interview Skills: Students can answer a range of interview questions and know how to present themselves to prospective employers.
  • Networking and Job Searching: Students know where to look for jobs, how to use their network to find jobs, and how to make professional relationships at industry events.
  • The Psychology of Job Search: Students will learn about the rollercoaster of emotions, imposter syndrome and how to deal with it, coping with rejection, how to use self-affirmation and skill building to address doubt. Students will also learn about their rights and how to speak up for themselves.