Guirlene’s Inspiration

I believe that parents and caregivers are the best coaches and role models a child can have. I know from experience that circumstances do not always allow parents the time, energy or knowledge to effectively set their children on the road to financial confidence. I learned early on the value of seeking out and becoming engaged in one’s community, as it was within my own community that I found the generosity and support required for me to move in a different and positive direction.

Fast forward 25 years and here I am today. A university-educated financial expert who has spent her career counselling families and youth, all while raising four bright, money-savvy kids in a secure and stable home. My kids and I have honest and open conversations about money, making good decisions, and all the social and emotional factors that are tied up in one’s financial journey. The Dollar Detectives and the Money Mystery series sprang directly from these kitchen table conversations.

Thanks to my family’s insight, my social work experience and a collaborative network of parents, educators and financial professionals, I have designed a revolutionary and holistic approach to financial literacy.

Rather than focusing primarily on building wealth and status in the world of free enterprise, our programs provide active and fun experiences that promote social, emotional and financial well-being.

The Dollar Detectives is the direct result of my rich experience and my steadfast belief that being engaged, informed and connected to a like-minded community can radically alter the course of one’s life.

Do you have youth in your life who could benefit from our brand of guidance and support? By connecting them to one of our specialized programs, you can be a positive force in them achieving a secure and fulfilling future.

If you would like to learn more, I would love to talk with you. You can directly reach me by email at