Our Mission

To prepare and empower today's young people through quality programs with the relevant skills needed for financial stability.

Why We Exist

The Dollar Detectives is an innovative, youth-focused, not-for-profit social enterprise. Our primary vision is to deliver fun experience based financial life lessons which enhance youth’s financial confidence, leadership and sense of self-determination. Our holistic  program is uniquely designed to support the overall well-being of youth ages 13 to 25.

We believe in innovation! From the design of our programs to the way we run our business. As a not-for-profit social enterprise, we moved away from the traditional not-for-profit model and adopted a new model focused on bringing people together who care about public good while delivering sustainable services. We help address social and educational issues through our own self-generated revenue model reducing our dependence on government funding.  100% of revenue generated goes toward offering free community events, supporting in-house mental health programs and providing meaningful employment and training for individuals who may face barriers to employment.

Our most requested and most popular supports:

Growth through Fun

We explore finances through curiosity, hands-on and life-skills activities, interactive games, arts, recreation, incentives and rewards, extension activities, guest speakers, community field trips, peer support and mentorship. Young adults enjoy our program through scenario based learning and appropriate community engagements.  We make adulting fun!