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Diversity Program

The Dollar Detectives’ Dimensions of Diversity is a specialized financial and life skills program designed to facilitate the participation of diverse young adults in meaningful mentorship, development and volunteer engagements. Our program goals are to improve foundational and transferable skills, reduce barriers to volunteerism, provide access to valuable real-world experiences and prepare youth for leadership roles within their community.

Our Dimensions of Diversity Program is an individual based, goal driven, inclusive support and will meet the needs of youth from the following priority populations:

  • Socio-economically Disadvantaged
  • Indigenous, First Nations, Inuit or Metis Families and Organizations
  • Gender and Sexual Minorities
  • New Canadians, Immigrants and Culturally Diverse Communities
  • Persons Living with a Mental Health Condition
  • Geographically Diverse (rural, remote, reservations)

As a community, we have come far when supporting our vulnerable youth. We recognize barriers still exist for diverse youth within traditional education, volunteer and work settings. Our priority is to deliver an inclusive, specialized program that is holistic, experiential and barrier free allowing youth to grow personally and professionally.

We are ready to partner with individuals, employers and community organizations who are ready to join our amazing journey of inclusion. We believe in innovation and creativity and as a result we do things differently. Status quo is no longer good enough for fair, just and equitable communities. We are here and ready to collaborate with others aligned with this mission and value.

A financial support allows youth to participate in this specialized program and gain access to essential skills! Sponsorship benefits to your organization include but not limited to:

  • Support diverse youth’s upward economic and career trajectory
  • Recognition on The Dollar Detectives’ webpage, social media and campaign events
  • Brand exposure as a caring company who is passionate about diversity and inclusion
  • Builds a purposeful and inclusive company culture

Please email us at marketing@thedollardetectives.com for further details about this program and how you can make a difference through our sponsorship packages!